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Dr Edward Ball on The Hair Loss Clinic TV series

The Discovery+ TV series The Hair Loss Clinic follows the experiences of men and women receiving treatment at The Maitland Clinic for different hair loss and scalp conditions. Dr Edward Maitland Ball, our founder and medical director, is filmed examining and consulting with patients, as well as conducting a number of surgical hair transpl...

How to avoid a hair transplant disaster

Men and women with athletic bodies and perfect hairlines are seen all over magazines and TV. Social media then exposes us all to public scrutiny and can create an obsession with appearance. So it’s no surprise that some people rush into booking a hair transplant if it is offered to them as a cheap and easy option. And to be fa...

FUE Vlogger Documenting His 1895 Graft FUE Journey On YouTube

YouTuber 'FUE Vlog' is documenting his recent FUE hair transplant journey with The Maitland Clinic on YouTube right now. He visited us some months back for a consultation, concerned about his frontal and mid scalp area. FUE Vlog was not comfortable with using Propecia/Finasteride , therefore it was important that an appropriate hairline...

Sig G- HD Donor Scar Comb Through- 4000 Grafts FUT At 12 Months

Sig G kindly came to see Dr Ball and myself at our Hampshire clinic in December to show off his results of his 4000 graft FUT case that we have all been following through his YouTube video diaries. Sig G is quite rightly delighted with his results one year after surgery and has made a big difference to how he looks and feels about his hai...

FUE Hair Transplant 2162 Grafts Hairline Lowering 8 Months Post Op

This patient in his late 30's came to see Dr. Edward Ball with a view to lower his hairline. Having receded back some time before he had not noticed further recession for nearly 10 years now and felt it was the right time to take action. At the time of the consultation the patient by recommendation by Dr Ball to start Propecia to help pre...

FUE Hair Transplant 1349 Grafts Into Crown

This patient in his late forties flew to the UK for FUE Hair transplant surgery at The Maitland Clinic after a productive Skype consultation with Dr Edward Ball. He was concerned about the amount of visible scalp on show in his crown. Feeling that the area was stable with daily use of Regaine it was the right time to try to close up the c...

FUE Hairline Restoration 1502 Grafts 10 Months Post Op

This patient who was originally concerned about his receding temples visited The Maitland Clinic for a 10 month review with Dr Edward Ball. He was delighted with the outcome of his 1502 graft FUE hairline restoration at only 10 months post op. He was finding it difficult to style his hair and was tending to keep it short as there was l...

Follow Sig G’s video blog of his hair transplant journey

Sig G was keen to share his experiences in a video diary with monthly updates. Take a look at his YouTube channel to follow his progress and to watch him grow happier and more confident as the new hair starts to growth through month by month. Sig G's first video is shot from inside his car just before his initial consultation with o...

New FUE Patient Blog- 2217 Grafts Hairline Restoration

This patient who travelled to our Hampshire clinic for surgery with Dr Edward Ball last June came to see us for a follow up in February. He was looking to lower his hairline but provide something that would look natural and appropriate not just now but in the future. He is absolutely delighted with his results and sent me this comment "I...

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