FUE Hair Transplant 1349 Grafts Into Crown

16th August 2017

This patient in his late forties flew to the UK for FUE Hair transplant surgery at The Maitland Clinic after a productive Skype consultation with Dr Edward Ball. He was concerned about the amount of visible scalp on show in his crown. Feeling that the area was stable with daily use of Regaine it was the right time to try to close up the crown area as much as possible. Dr Ball used a conservative 1349 grafts which totalled 2564 hairs by the FUE method.

These results show the progress he has made 9 months post op. The patient can expect further improvements over the coming months as growth into the crown tends to take longer and newly transplanted hair can mature and thicken right up to the 18 month stage.

The patient was very happy with his result and allowed us to share these photos for other patients considering filling in the crown. Dr Ball was very pleased with the outcome and excited for the patient for the final result into an area that is often referred to as ‘The Black Hole’ for grafts!

David Anderson

Senior Patient Advisor




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Written by

Dr Edward Ball

Founder & Medical Director at The Maitland Clinic

A member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr Edward Maitland Ball has been at the forefront of bringing world-class surgical hair restoration techniques to the UK and is renowned for the naturalness of his transplanted hairlines.