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Oral minoxidil for hair loss

As hair loss treatments continue to advance, a wide range of high-quality hair loss medication has become available. Oral minoxidil is a medication which is emerging as a promising treatment option for a wide variety of hair loss conditions. What is oral minoxidil? Minoxidil has been well established as an effective hair loss treatment ...

Topical finasteride for hair loss

Topical finasteride has emerged as a novel therapeutic treatment for individuals suffering with hair loss. It’s proving a promising intervention for many, especially those with androgenetic alopecia - more commonly known as ‘pattern baldness’. But what actually is topical finasteride and most importantly, how effective is it? Un...

Help Hair® vitamin supplements for hair growth: a guide for patients

Help Hair® vitamins provide a combination of minerals and B-supplements that are designed to support healthy hair growth. They can be taken alone or, for best results, as part of a multi-pronged hair treatment plan.  Here is a comprehensive, expert guide to Help Hair® vitamin supplements. By Dr Edward Maitland Ball   There ar...

Fagron TrichoTest™: hair loss test to guide treatment choices

The Fagron TrichoTest™ hair loss test: How a quick and simple genetic test can help identify the hair loss treatment that’s right for you A new genetic swab hair loss test – the Fagron TrichoTest™, available from The Maitland Clinic – can save you time and money by accurately identifying the hair loss treatment that best ...

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