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The role of artistry in hair restoration

The surgical treatments for hair restoration, such as the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) techniques, are now well-established and widely available in clinics around the world. Of course these medical procedures demand a high level of technical skill and years of training. But that’s only part of the story.

The purpose of a good hair restoration design is to create a result that looks perfectly natural and that provides the desired amount of coverage for as long as possible. There’s much more to achieving this than the mere technical procedure of transferring follicles – it also requires a large degree of artistry. That’s essential to bear in mind when choosing a surgeon.


Tailoring hair design to the person

Hair on the scalp does not grow in perfectly regular and symmetrical patterns. Rather, it grows in follicular units, which are groupings that normally contain between one to four hair follicles per unit. When restoring hair, the follicular units must be transplanted into the hairline in a soft, irregular pattern and in sympathy with the patient’s facial features and head shape – and every individual’s head is unique.

When the new hair grows, it must blend seamlessly with any native hair to achieve a totally natural appearance – ideally, nobody would know you’ve had the procedure.

To achieve this final result, the surgeon must be sensitive to a whole range of factors, including the way the existing hair grows, and the overall appearance, and age of the patient. The surgeon cannot simply follow a formula or template, but must create a bespoke hair design, and then take painstaking care over the positioning, angles and directions of the transplanted hairs during surgery.


‘A true artist’

With his background in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Edward Ball is renowned for his attention to detail and perfectionism, as well as his technical proficiency. He’s even been described as ‘a true artist’!

Dr Ball will take the time to talk to you, to observe you, and to get to know you. From that consultation period he will develop a hair design that will work for you as a person and will serve you for a lifetime.

The result will be an entirely natural appearance: thanks to our combination of scientific expertise, experience and artistry, nobody else need ever know you’ve even had hair restoration surgery if you don’t want them to know.


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