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Scalp trichopigmentation (STP), or scalp micropigmentation (SMP), is a cosmetic treatment that can create a temporary or permanent impression of increased hair density and coverage.

The application of tiny dots of ink to the scalp, carefully matched to your hair colour, can give a much fuller look through reducing the colour contrast between scalp and hair.

Some people use this technique to create a “shaved stubble” look and others use it to reduce the see-through element of their thinning hair. STP is also a great way to conceal previous scars from FUT or FUE surgery, allowing you to wear your hair even shorter.


What does a scalp trichopigmentation (STP) treatment involve?

STP (or SMP) is performed in the comfort of our state of the art clinic, while you sit back and watch movies or have a snooze. A session to treat either the front half of the scalp or the crown area can take around 4 hours. Of course, the session takes longer if you wish to address larger areas.

Many of our patients are comfortable without the use of local anaesthetic injections, but, as a medial clinic, we are able to completely numb the scalp if requested. It is our priority to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.


For more information, please see our Blog on scalp trichopigmentation & scalp micropigmentation, contact us on 02392 706122 or complete our enquiries form.

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