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Cosmetic Redress Scheme

  In the UK, all service providers need to signpost consumers to a government authorised consumer redress scheme. The Cosmetic Redress Scheme (CRS) provides dispute resolution for the cosmetic market. Please see our Complaints Policy for full details on the process for making a complaint.   How it works By law, Servi...

How to avoid a hair transplant disaster

Men and women with athletic bodies and perfect hairlines are seen all over magazines and TV. Social media then exposes us all to public scrutiny and can create an obsession with appearance. So it’s no surprise that some people rush into booking a hair transplant if it is offered to them as a cheap and easy option. And to be fa...

Liverpool Hair Transplant Consultations- Friday August 3rd 2018

Due to increasing demand from patients seeking advice from The Maitland Clinic about their hair loss, David Anderson, our Senior Patient Advisor, will be providing free initial consultations in central Liverpool on Friday August 3rd 2018. During the face to face consultations patients will be able to discuss with David: FUE and FU...

Is an FUE Hair Transplant Painful? – 5th April 2018

We’re often asked by new patients how painful an FUE hair transplant will be. During the FUE hair transplant procedure, most patients will not experience any pain at all. That’s due to the numbing process that happens first, where we inject local anaesthetic into the areas of the scalp that we will be treating. This local anaest...

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take to Grow? -14th March 2018

Hair transplant procedures will always involve a certain amount of time for recovery, healing and growth of the new hairs. How long it takes for the hair to regrow is a commonly asked question that is often asked by men and women during their consultation process with us at The Maitland Clinic. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure...

23rd June 2017 – Follow Sig G’s video blog of his hair transplant journey

Sig G was keen to share his experiences in a video diary with monthly updates. Take a look at his YouTube channel to follow his progress and to watch him grow happier and more confident as the new hair starts to growth through month by month. Sig G's first video is shot from inside his car just before his initial consultation with o...

2nd June 2017 – Learn about scalp trichopigmentation (STP) & scalp micropigmentation (SMP) – by Janna Shafer

"Scalp micropigmentation" (SMP) is most commonly used term referring to the technique of cosmetically tattooing PERMANENT ink to the scalp. The term "scalp trichopigmentation" (STP) is starting to take hold when referring to applying TEMPORARY ink to the scalp. The two terms seem to be used interchangeably and quite often causes co...

28th February 2017 – Dr Edward Ball Hair Transplant Consultations in London on March 6th & 14th 2017

Meet with Dr. Edward Ball founder and medical director of The Maitland Clinic on Monday March 6th and Tuesday March 14th at our London location of 10 Harley Street. During the consultation both Dr Ball and our Senior Patient Advisor David Anderson will answer any questions regarding the procedure and talk to you about important aspects ...

16th November 2016 – FUT (Strip) Donor Scar- How Does It Look When Healed?

The donor scar that a FUT surgery creates is the single biggest factor in why many patients choose FUE as a preferred method when deciding on hair transplant surgery. "How wide will the scar be?" "How long is the scar?" "How short can I wear my hair short after surgery?" The above 3 questions are the most common that I get ask...

31st October 2016 – Why should I have a hair transplant consultation directly with the Doctor?

When considering hair transplant and hair restoration surgery you will often hear the words 'research, research, research' Why is this? Even today some patients will choose price and convenience over quality of care and a proven track record by the surgeon carrying out their hair transplant procedure. Here at The Maitland Clinic if ...

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