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How to remove scabs after a hair transplant?

Undergoing a hair transplant is an exciting time and it’s natural to want to speed up the healing process. With this in mind, many of our patients ask about how to remove scabs after a hair transplant. At The Maitland Clinic we provide full information on how to care for your scalp following surgery, helping to ensure a timely recovery ...

COVID-19 Policy – A guide for patients at The Maitland Clinic

New national restrictions from 4th January 2021 The government has published rules and restrictions relating to COVID-19 which stress the importance of staying at home during this crisis.  This guidance can be accessed here. The rules state that medical services can remain open and that travel for medical appointments is permitted. T...

How to sleep after a hair transplant

Understandably, many of our patients want to know how they should care for their fragile new grafts when they leave the clinic. One of the most common areas of concern is how to sleep after a hair transplant. Here we look at this issue in more detail and include some tips on how to sleep during the recovery period. We recommend that yo...

Does transplanted hair turn grey?

When planning a hair transplant, many of our patients are keen to know what their newly transplanted hair will look like. At The Maitland Clinic, we’re often asked questions such as “does transplanted hair turn grey?” Our team will be happy to talk through such issues with you in more detail, but this post provides an overview of th...

Can you dye your hair after a hair transplant?

For many of our patients, being able to style and experiment with their newly transplanted hair is an exciting moment. However, it is important to be extra careful with your scalp in the first few weeks after a hair transplant while the skin and new follicles are healing. One of the questions we’re often asked is “can you dye your hai...

Going out in the sun after a hair transplant (how long + sun exposure)

Undergoing a hair transplant is a big step and you will naturally want to do everything you can to make it a success. This usually means making a few changes during the postoperative period, such as limiting your exposure to the sun. This post contains basic advice about going out in the sun after a hair transplant, but the team at The Ma...

Can you have a hair transplant without shaving your head?

It’s normal to feel conscious about your appearance when undergoing hair restoration surgery. For some patients the prospect of having to shave their head before an FUE hair transplant can be particularly daunting. A common question we are asked at The Maitland Clinic is “can I have an FUE hair transplant without shaving my head?” H...

How many FUT hair transplants can you have?

When considering hair restoration treatment, many patients are keen to know whether they can have more than one hair transplant should the need arise. At The Maitland Clinic, we’re often asked questions such as “how many FUT hair transplants can you have?”. Our team will be happy to answer such questions for you in more detail, but ...

Can I drink alcohol before or after a hair transplant? The effects of drinking

Undergoing a hair transplant is a significant, often life-changing step, so you’ll naturally want to maximise the chances of its success. To do this effectively, you will need to avoid drinking alcohol before and after your surgery. This post explains how alcohol does affect a hair transplant and includes before and after advice to help...

Can a hair transplant cause nerve damage?

At The Maitland Clinic we’re often asked whether a hair transplant can cause long-term side effects, such as nerve damage. Although the chance of experiencing complications or nerve damage after a hair transplant is minimal, as this post explains, it’s important to understand the risks before committing to hair restoration surgery. ...

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