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Can You Have a Hair Transplant Without Shaving Your Head?

It’s normal to feel conscious about your appearance when undergoing hair restoration surgery. For some patients the prospect of having to shave their head before an FUE hair transplant can be particularly daunting. A common question we are asked at The Maitland Clinic is “can I have an FUE hair transplant without shaving my head?” H...

How Many FUT Hair Transplants Can You Have?

When considering hair restoration treatment, many patients are keen to know whether they can have more than one hair transplant should the need arise. At The Maitland Clinic, we’re often asked questions such as “how many FUT hair transplants can you have?”. Our team will be happy to answer such questions for you in more detail, but ...

Can I Drink Alcohol Before or After a Hair Transplant? The Effects of Drinking

Undergoing a hair transplant is a significant, often life-changing step, so you’ll naturally want to maximise the chances of its success. To do this effectively, you will need to avoid drinking alcohol before and after your surgery. This post explains how alcohol does affect a hair transplant and includes before and after advice to help...

COVID-19 – A guide for patients at The Maitland Clinic

The Maitland Clinic is now operating as a COVID-protected facility. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Maitland Clinic temporarily closed on 23rd March 2020 in order to protect patients and staff and to comply with government guidelines. Current guidelines from Public Health England and medical bodies such as the International Soci...

Can a hair transplant cause nerve damage?

At The Maitland Clinic we’re often asked whether a hair transplant can cause long-term side effects, such as nerve damage. Although the chance of experiencing complications or nerve damage after a hair transplant is minimal, as this post explains, it’s important to understand the risks before committing to hair restoration surgery. ...

How short can I cut my hair after a hair transplant?

Following a hair transplant, many patients are keen to know when, and how, they can style their hair. One of the questions we are often asked is, “how short can I cut my hair after a hair transplant?”, plus details on whether it's ok to even shave your head. Here are some of the key points to consider before making that first post-...

How long does a hair transplant last?

A hair transplant is a big step and a significant investment, so it’s natural to want to know whether your surgery will provide a permanent solution to your hair loss. At The Maitland Clinic, we are often asked: “how long does a hair transplant last?” This post outlines what to expect following hair restoration surgery and consider ...

Can you wear a hat after a hair transplant and how long after the procedure?

At The Maitland Clinic we understand that patients may feel conscious about their appearance after a hair transplant. With many people keen to conceal their scalp immediately following their surgery, a question we are often asked is about how soon after a hair transplant you can wear a cap or hat. How soon after a hair transplant can y...

What results can you expect 4 months after a hair transplant?

If you are considering a hair transplant, you will want a realistic idea about the results you are likely to see in the months following your surgery. This post explains what to expect four months after undergoing a hair transplant at The Maitland Clinic. What to expect 4 months post op from a hair transplant? Following a hair transpla...

How long does PRP hair treatment last?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a non-surgical hair restoration treatment which involves injecting small amounts of a concentrated solution derived from a sample of your own blood into areas of the scalp affected by hair loss. There is growing evidence that it can produce very good results for some patients, without the need for transplant ...

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