What results can I expect?

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Predicting results

Many patients ask about the results they can expect after their hair transplant surgery. As every patient is unique and an individual it is never possible to predict precisely what results will be. There are many factors that will affect the final appearance. These may include:

  • Hair characteristics – coarse, curly hair will appear thicker than fine, straight hair
  • Contrast between hair and skin colour – for patients with pale skin and dark hair the skin will be more visible through the hair, making it appear thinner
  • Extent of hair loss – this will affect the ratio of donor area to recipient area
  • Skin laxity – this will determine how much tissue can be taken in a FUT strip
  • Size of head – in larger heads it is possible to harvest more grafts
  • Donor area density – dense hair in the donor area will provide a greater supply of follicular units
  • Donor follicular unit groupings – donor supply with lots of 3 and 4 hair follicular units will create more ‘thickness’ than one consisting mainly of 1 and 2 hair follicular units.

Our promise to you

We promise that The Maitland Clinic will provide you with the best possible hair restoration treatment currently available… But we also promise that we won’t promise the impossible!

No treatment can guarantee a level of transplanted hair thickness that is inconsistent with the thickness and characteristics of your existing hair.

Before you opt for surgery, our team will give you a honest and realistic idea of the kind of result you can expect to achieve given your particular characteristics and circumstances – so you go into your procedure fully informed, safe in the knowledge that we can give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

What sort of results can I expect?

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