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hair-transplant-lutonAt The Maitland Clinic we are very grateful to our patients and past colleagues who have taken the time to write testimonials about Dr Edward Ball’s work.

To arrange a consultation with Dr Ball please call 0800 612 6076 or click on the link to complete our contact form.

I want to thank all of you for the excellent care and attention on my surgery day 2nd June 2015. I was a bit nervous up to the time I arrived for surgery. All of you made me feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable and my fear soon disappeared. I never thought I’d say it but it was an enjoyable experience. I was really impressed with you and your entire team. You all worked seamlessly together. You are an outstanding surgeon. My wife couldn’t believe how neat my scar was after so many stitches.

Mr M, Dublin

It’s now been a few months since having my procedure and thought it might be nice to give you some feedback. I’m really happy with how the hair has turned out. I think it looks great and I have a new girlfriend who is a doctor herself and so it must be good! I had a few days off by myself and nobody guessed I had procedure as the healing was so quick.

The actual day of the procedure went smoothly and I felt completely comfortable at every step. The care I received was fantastic and I would have no hesitation in coming back again in the future (although hopefully not too soon!) and recommending you to any of my friends. Once again, thank you for all of your help.

Mr A, London

Although your total honesty at our meeting was at times, off putting and made me think am I doing the right thing, it also made me realise how genuine and honest you were. When I left you I did feel very reassured. One the day of my surgery I was very nervous and still a little apprehensive, however, I was made to feel at ease from the moment I walked through the front door. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to you and your whole team for what they did throughout the day. I really felt I had the best team all working together on me for the whole day. I know it is early days to see how successful the procedure went but everything so far is looking good and going well and at this time I have no regrets at all.

The day following my surgery I received a call from your post-operative nurse to see how I was and confirm that I knew and understood the aftercare, again those little things do not go unnoticed. Please do pass on my thanks to all your team. I look forward to seeing them again on my return visits as they all play such a vital part in the procedure. A would like to say a very big thank you to you Dr Ball. Your passion in what you do shows through immensely, and knew from my initial meeting with you that I had the best possible person looking after me. Your attention to detail is second to none and that inspired complete confidence in you from the moment we met right through to the completion of the surgery.

Mr C, London

Like many people, I had concerns about my hair loss for many years. My work as an actor in both films and television in the United States and UK heighten my awareness of the problem and left to me feeling very self conscious. I would often see pictures in the press or watch myself on screen and have this sinking feeling, particularly if the shot was from behind and the crown of my head was exposed.

After many false starts I stumbled upon Edward Ball. He was the first person who really gave me the time and explained the full options available. In fact after our first consultation Mr Ball sent me away to think about all the different proposals – and it was not until a full year later, after a further three meetings, that we finally went ahead and had the hair transplant. It was a huge decision and one that I would never had done if it hadn’t been for Mr Ball’s help, support and guidance.

This will sound a little strange to some. But after the operation no one made a single comment. The work done by Mr Ball went completely unnoticed by friends, but for me it was clearly visible and had a huge impact on my life and work. The crown and temples had been perfectly filled in and it was impossible to see where the transplant started and ended. After the Mr Ball’s work, I have found a renewed confidence and my acting work has subsequently increased ten fold. I’m sure many would think that a manipulation of the truth, but I assure you it’s not.

What I think is most impressive about Mr Ball, is his ‘less is more’ approach. He believes in subtle but impactful changes and that is why I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who is thinking about this type of procedure. There is no one better. I know, I tried many others before Mr Ball.

Actor (Film, Stage and theatre), London

My hair has been growing well since I saw you about four months ago. In fact it is growing so well that my old barber did a hilarious “double take” when I saw him in the High Street yesterday. Thanks again to you and your team for doing such a great job. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few months for my yearly review

Mr R, London

Dr Ball is a superb surgeon. Not only is he a highly qualified, experienced and very skilled in conducting the procedure, but he really works with the client every step of the way to develop the plan to get the very best results. He has a relaxed and reassuring manner that always allows clients to talk about what they wish to see from the process, as well as to address any concerns that they may have. I have been delighted with the overall results that Dr Ball was able to achieve for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering this procedure.

Mr M, Essex

Just had stitches out by my local nurse. She said best professional suturing she’d ever seen & you could darn her socks any day.

Mr D, Leeds

I was very pleased with my procedure. The results were even better than I expected. I was so impressed with all the staff who kept me well informed throughout the process up until and way beyond the day of the transplant. Their caring and very professional approach was very important bearing in mind this was a new experience for me. My surgeon Edward Ball did an incredible job and I was lucky enough to see near full hair growth within six months.

Mr H, London

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your professionalism during my procedure on Friday , and for keeping me reassured during the whole day. Your staff are a real credit to the company and I hope you can again pass my thanks to them all.

Mr B, London

Ps: had sutures removed last Weds, scar is almost invisible! Nurse said the stitches were best she has ever seen ref neatness!

Mr T, London

For about a year or so, I had noticed progressive loss of hair on my crown and my hairline was receding and getting thinner. As a doctor myself, I was fairly cautious. After a brief and very comfortable conversation with one of their patient liaisons I met Mr. Edward Ball. Bear in mind that I am probably a little older than he, and have basically undergone the same core medical training he has so it is no small thing that I found him exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to talk to and understanding of my ‘perspective’ on my own hair loss. It’s worth pointing out (as a digression) that age does not always equate to experience. In fact in my experience, younger doctors are often more familiar with current trends and research and given the ‘right’ type, they are likely to be meticulous to a fault. Mr. Ball was clearly the ‘right’ type.

Mr. Ball’s team was thoroughly professional throughout and was constantly checking that I was ok. I think it’s a testament to Mr. Ball’s skill that the whole procedure was entirely painless. Let me be straight – I have administered local anaesthetic many times… about 3 seconds. Mr. Ball took a full 45 minutes to carefully drip anaesthetic along a line on the back of my scalp where the donor hairs were coming from and by the time they were ready to make the first incision, my scalp was completely numb. The entire operation was extremely professional. I had my grafts done in November – by Christmas they had all disappeared as is expected. I may have been lucky, I don’t know, but by February all of a sudden new hairs were sprouting and by March I could part my hair without that tell-tale high hairline at the sides. It’s September now, and my hair is completely different.

I have a better hairline than I did when I was 25. I treat myself now every 5 weeks to going to a proper men’s hairstylist who has several clients who have had hair procedures. It’s strange – even now I find myself in the morning admiring the work that was done (definitely makes you more vain!) and I can do things like gel my hair back, 1920’s style if I want to without it making me look thin on top.

Even my best friend, who spends all day doing plastic surgery was extremely impressed with the work – he has to search through my hair at the back to find the scar and even then, its more through ‘feel’ than actually seeing it. As a doctor myself, I can without hesitation recommend Mr. Ball.

Dr. W, London

Hi Ed , I just had my stitches removed in a private hospital in Belfast and the nurse said that it was the neatest scar she has ever seen in her 30 yrs of nursing. Just thought I’d let you know! Cheers.

Mr D, London

I have worked alongside Dr.Ball as a medical technician for 2 years. During this period I have observed exemplary demonstrations of surgical prowess, patient care and meticulous attention to detail, all of which has inspired me to better myself as a professional. If I opted to have a hair transplant myself, there is no other surgeon that I would approach other than Dr.Ball as I know that I would receive nothing short of an outstanding service, from start to finish.

Kiefer Simpson - Surgical Coordinator & Lead Hair Technician, UK

Edward. You did my hair implants around Xmas the one before last. Rest assured all is just great. I wanted to just tell you that a year and half later I am so delighted by the great care and results you gave me. Quite literally I thank you and the outcome each and every day. I hope life is good for you and thanks once again.

Mr S, Dubai

In my five years of working as a hair transplant technician, I have worked with many different doctors and learnt different hair transplant techniques. However, once I begun working with Dr. Edward Ball, I realized there was a different level of a doctor. Dr. Ball’s insistence and passion for attention to every single detail ensures that the surgeries he carries out are done perfectly each time. The time he dedicates to each patient is admirable, and he is not simply ‘getting the job done,’ but going far beyond that and therefore patients come back to him time and time again.

Dr. Ball is also a great leader and in my personal experience, he was able to coach me in my role of managing a hair transplant clinic and insisted on developing a strong team culture. Hence, the team that Dr. Ball has around him, is just as detail orientated and fully concerned with patient satisfaction as he is.

I highly recommend Dr. Ball as a hair transplant doctor, who is in a class of his own, and it is understandable why new and old patients come to him and his team of experts for a worthwhile experience and of course, the results are further evidence of his skilful work.

Remy Herda - Hair technician Vancouver, Canada

Two weeks post FUE, all looking good so far. Thank you to Edward and his great team for looking after me on the day. My crown and front were operated on and everyone was professional and made me feel special. Looking back to normal now and have had about three people saying I look younger already lol. Thanks guys, will pop some photos over to you and visit after 6 months.

Mr H, Essex

I decided to use the Maitland Clinic because of Dr Ball. He is one of the best hair surgeons in the world, and with such a great reputation I was comfortable that everything would be great. On the day of the consultation David and Dr Ball answered all of my questions and assured me of how everything would go (no pressure or sales pitches), with simple explanations, showing me how good my results would be. Everything they said was right, I’m so happy and feel much confident, I look younger and healthier with a great head of hair.

On the day of surgery everything was explained, it was just like going to the dentist for the day. The pain on a scale of 1 – 10 was about a 2, with hardly any pain at all, we had a morning session, then lunch, then in the afternoon I was able to watch a movie, by the time it had finished Dr Ball and his fantastic team were almost finished. I had 1200 grafts and afterwards it just looked like I had had a buzz cut. No one ever commented on my hair, and no one knew I had surgery. In the weeks after my procedure I had some pinkish/red skin around my temples, which looked like sunburn to most people (as I went on holiday in the weeks following the treatment). Since the procedure so many people have said wow your hair looks great or that I look younger. The advice I would give to other people considering surgery is just go for it! Find the best Doctor you can (Dr Ball is amazing), because I have learnt that this process is so discrete and unobtrusive that I should have contacted The Maitland Clinic sooner. I am delighted with the outcome and very impressed with Dr Ball and his team, I believe that this is the best hair clinic in the UK, I’m so lucky to have found and chosen Dr Ball. Thank you! From a very happy European Tour Golf Pro.

Mr L, Ireland

My hair loss became noticeable at the age of 18 and through my early twenties it really effected my confidence and self-esteem, therefore it had been on my mind for some time to have a hair transplant. Over an 18-month period I researched the latest techniques and surgeons before reaching out to a few I had shortlisted through reviews and before / after galleries.

Pretty immediately after meeting Dr Ball, I decided he was the Surgeon I wanted to work with. His South Coast facility was very impressive and made me feel comfortable I was in an environment where 1st class service and professionalism where held in the highest regard. Dr Ball himself I found a very attentive and empathetic individual, his honest appraisal of the results I could expect also gave me confidence that he wasn’t telling me just what I wanted to hear.

During the consultation, we worked on my new hairline, required grafts, prices and eventually a date to go ahead with the procedure. The procedure itself was a very comfortable experience and at times very enjoyable with the addition of movies and refreshments.

I must say throughout the process, the attentive nature and communication from the Maitland Clinic team was exceptional, always making sure I was happy and ensuring my experience and results where optimised throughout made the whole journey an enjoyable experience.

I am delighted with the results I have been able to achieve from my procedure with The Maitland Clinic.  Aesthetically the results look great, and people have actually commented on how good my hair looks these days, something I never thought I would hear. However, the more noticeable benefit and impact has been on my self-confidence and quashing the time spent on worrying and feeling insecure has been priceless. Thank you, Dr Ball and Team.

Ryan, Portsmouth

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