Governance & Quality

Mission statement

The Maitland Clinic aims to provide the best possible hair restoration treatment available anywhere in the world. This means that we use the most advanced surgical techniques and technology, combined with painstaking attention to detail and aesthetics, and a culture of lifelong patient care.

The founding principle of The Maitland Clinic is that each patient should be provided with the full individual attention and care of highly qualified medical professionals, to ensure that he or she can enjoy a lifetime of completely natural-looking hair.

We strive to provide safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and continuously reflect on the service that we provide in order to improve the experience for our patients and staff.


Duty of candour


Candour is defined in the Robert Francis report as:

“The volunteering of all relevant information to persons who have or may have been harmed by the provision of services, whether or not the information has been requested and whether or not a complaint or a report about that provision has been made.”


Our values and beliefs

At The Maitland Clinic, we openly support the Duty of Candour and will always strive to be open, honest and transparent. We support the ‘Being Open’ policy and actively encourage our staff to be truthful in their dealings with patients if things go wrong. We want all incidents and complaints to be investigated and any lessons learned from this process to be shared within the organisation and with patients.


Our governance

We believe that good governance fosters inward facing scrutiny, honesty and transparency. We ensure that our directors comply with the ‘fit and proper persons test’ and aspire to being a well led CQC regulated organisation.
We actively support whistleblowing and want to know if things are not quite right so that we can make them so.


Our patients

Our patients expect and deserve that our organisation and our individual practitioners to be honest, open and truthful in all our dealings with them and we have put in place the systems and processes to enable this. We have a sub-committee of the senior management team called the Quality, Governance, Patient Safety and Risk Committee. This committee meets 6 monthly and discusses all of the areas within its name, and we invite a staff representative to join this committee to ensure we are engaging with our entire team.


Our assurance

We continually strive to be an open and honest organisation. One of the ways we achieve this is by asking our patients to feedback the about their experience in a post-procedure questionnaire. We also carry out staff audits and we listen. ‘You say we did’ is how we implement what our patients and staff inform us in their feedback.

Our overall ambition is to provide the highest quality hair transplantation and we welcome ongoing feedback and engagement to help ensure we remain instigators for excellence in healthcare provision.


Interpreting and translation services

At The Maitland Clinic, we are committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to all of our patients, regardless of their language or communication needs. As part of this commitment, we recognise the importance of providing medical interpreters and sign language communication during consultations to ensure effective communication and understanding between patients and healthcare providers. We strive to make these services readily available to all patients who require them and will take all necessary steps to ensure that language and communication barriers do not prevent our patients from receiving the care they need. Please let us know if you would like interpreting or translation services during your consultation or procedure with us at The Maitland Clinic.


Cosmetic Redress Scheme

In the UK, all service providers need to signpost consumers to a government authorised consumer redress scheme. The Cosmetic Redress Scheme (CRS) provides dispute resolution for the cosmetic market. Please see our Complaints Policy for full details on the process for making a complaint.




How it works

By law, Service Providers are required to signpost their customers to a government authorised consumer redress
scheme. The purpose of this is to give consumers of the Service Provider an escalated complaints procedure if they are unhappy with how their complaint has been dealt with by the Service Provider.

A ‘consumer’ is a person who uses the service of the Service Providers. Any customer who uses the service provided by a Cosmetic Services Provider is considered to be a ‘consumer’.

There is a set of criteria which must first be met in order for a complaint to be considered by the Cosmetic Redress Scheme:

1. The Professional must be a Member of the Cosmetic Redress Scheme. The Maitland Clinic is a member of the Cosmetic Redress Scheme.

2. The Complainant must show that a formal written complaint has been sent to the Member within 12 months of the incident related to the complaint occurring.

3. The Complainant has allowed a minimum of 8 weeks for the Member to investigate the matter and respond fully.

4. After the Member’s final response to the complaint or after the Complainant has waited 8 weeks from
sending the complaint letter and the Complainant has not received a response, a complaint can be referred to the CRS within 6 months of the formal letter of complaint being sent to the Member.

The CRS are required to put these time limits in place to enable them to deal with complaints fairly and they are deemed reasonable under the Arbitration Act 1996.


Raising the complaint

Once the above criteria have been met, the Complainant is able to raise a complaint about the Member with the CRS. The complaint must be raised using the CRS Complaint Form. When completing the form, the Complainant must explain all the reasons why the complaint is being raised, the actions that have been taken and also include all relevant evidence. This must include the letter/email of complaint and, if applicable, our Member’s final response. It may also include copies of other communications received from and sent to the Member, including any settlements offered and relevant contracts/agreements and associated documentation.

There is no charge to the complainant for raising the complaint with the Cosmetic Redress Scheme. The complainant can withdraw from the Cosmetic Redress Scheme complaints process at any point.

Please see full details of the CRS complaints process here.




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