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Exclusive VIP hair transplants for clients requiring privacy and discretion

Some clients – including celebrities and executives – require an additional level of exclusivity and discretion when having hair restoration surgery. If you need particular privacy or are seeking a ‘luxury hair transplant’ here’s why a VIP package at The Maitland Clinic might be right for you…

Although there is no longer any particular stigma or social embarrassment attached to FUT or FUE hair surgery – and hair transplants are not just for the rich and famous – there are instances where people require an extra level of privacy when undergoing treatment. Patients who might prefer to have their hair restoration surgery away from the public eye include:

  • Actors and television personalities – particularly those for whom a particular public image is very important
  • Musicians and other performers
  • High profile sports men and women – both current and retired
  • High level executives and international business people
  • Politicians and top level civil servants

Our VIP hair restoration service provides a reassuring level of discretion and a truly personal service.


Here’s what to expect from a VIP package with The Maitland Clinic…

Exclusive use of the clinic

Every patient at The Maitland Clinic benefits from being the only surgical patient of the day, receiving the full attention of the operating team.
With a VIP package, however, the whole clinic is closed to the public and given over entirely to you for the day.

Absolute privacy and discretion

Our treatment clinic is in a discreet location in Hampshire – convenient for London but well away from the public eye.

We can also arrange a private entrance and drop-off to bypass reception and other public areas.

Convenience based around your schedule

When we have agreed a date that suits your schedule, we can arrange local hotel accommodation, catering, plus a door-to-door chauffeur service.

One-to-one consultation and 24/7 communication with Dr Edward Ball

Our Medical Director Dr Edward Maitland Ball has an established reputation as one of the world’s leading specialist hair transplant surgeons.

A fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and member of the Royal College of Surgeons with a background in dermatology, cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery, Dr Ball was handpicked to undertake his Fellowship in Hair Restoration Surgery in Beverley Hills, California under the mentorship of Dr. Craig Ziering. He has since been at the forefront of bringing the latest surgical hair restoration techniques to the UK. A hair transplant patient himself, Dr Ball also has a real understanding of the emotional effects of hair loss.

As a VIP patient you will have private one-to-one consultations – including the options of home or office visits – and 24/7 telephone access to Dr Ball personally.


World-class hair restoration surgery in maximum comfort

The Maitland Clinic provides a comprehensive suite of surgical and medical hair loss treatments for patients, including both Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), as well as non-surgical hair loss procedures, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

All of these are executed to a gold standard and are available to all our patients: at The Maitland Clinic hair transplants for the rich and famous are exactly the same world-class procedures as for every other patient. For more details see our procedures page.

In our VIP package you are additionally entitled to the option of a personal anaesthetist, Dr Justin Dickens, to ensure maximum comfort through ‘conscious sedation’. This technique enables you to be is sedated whilst awake, so that you are unaware of the local anaesthetic numbing injections being performed. Dr Justin Dickens is an anaesthetist and intensive care consultant from St. Richards Hospital, Chichester.

Throughout your surgery day we provide a premium level of comfort and create a relaxing ambience. We aim for a ‘luxury hair transplant’ – making the day feel more like a trip to a health spa than a surgical hospital.

Executive-level aftercare

At The Maitland Clinic we pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding aftercare – not just in the days and weeks following your procedure, but for years afterwards.
Immediately after your surgery we will provide all the essential medication you need, including painkillers to manage initial discomfort, so there is no requirement to visit additional healthcare professionals.



In our VIP package we can also arrange an on-site haircut from Brendan Gaudian, a former British Junior Champion hair stylist.

As a world leader in FUT and FUE surgery, Dr Edward Ball has personally carried out hair restoration procedures for a significant number of very high profile clients, including movie stars, musicians and sports stars. The fact that their hair restoration surgery is not widely known about is the best recommendation for both his skills and for the discretion of The Maitland Clinic.

Features of our VIP service

  • Only patient being treated or consulted that day
  • Clinic closed to the public
  • 24/7 personal telephone access to Dr Ball for advice and support
  • Door to door chauffeur service (including local accommodation, if required)
  • Private entrance & drop-off to bypass reception and other public areas
  • On-site haircut from Brendan Gaudian, former British Junior Champion hair stylist
  • Option of a personal anaesthetist, Dr Justin Dickens, to ensure maximum comfort through “conscious sedation”. This is an anaesthetic technique whereby you are sedated whilst awake so that you are unaware of the local anaesthetic numbing injections being performed. Dr Justin Dickens is an anaesthetist and intensive care consultant from St. Richards Hospital, Chichester.
  • Prices start from £15,000

If you would prefer an exclusive, discreet hair transplant service away from the public eye, the VIP package could be for you. Please call 023 9270 6122 or complete our contact form and ask to discuss our executive service.

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