FUE Hair Transplant 2162 Grafts Hairline Lowering 8 Months Post Op

18th August 2017

This patient in his late 30’s came to see Dr. Edward Ball with a view to lower his hairline. Having receded back some time before he had not noticed further recession for nearly 10 years now and felt it was the right time to take action. At the time of the consultation the patient by recommendation by Dr Ball to start Propecia to help prevent further loss in his mid scalp and crown. Dr Ball used 2162 grafts by the FUE method in one day to bring forward his hairline and temples. The patient returned to The Maitland Clinic 8 months post op to show off his results which he is very happy with. So happy with how natural his transplant results are he is now returning for a second surgery to lower the hairline even further….stay tuned.

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David Anderson

Senior Patient Advisor