2 weeks after a hair transplant: returning to work (post op FUE recovery blog)

31st October 2016

I have lost count just how many times over the years do I hear the question ‘How soon can I return to work after FUE?’

This blog is a guide of one patient’s journey 2 weeks after a hair transplant following his FUE hair transplant surgery with Dr Edward Ball of The Maitland Clinic.

The patient was able to take some excellent photos the day after his 1500 graft FUE surgery and compare them to how well he had healed just 7 days after. He continued this process for 11 and then 14 days post op.

At The Maitland Clinic we recommend that a return to work after FUE surgery could be somewhere between 7-10 days with no evidence that something had taken place…except how do I explain that new buzz cut?

Well some patients who wish for complete discretion opt for Long Hair FUE where the donor hair does not need to be cut. Others elect to start cutting their hair short before the procedure so work colleagues get used to this new short haircut and less focus is directed to your head on return to work.

Our FUE aftercare video explains in detail how to look after your new transplanted hair for the first week after hair restoration surgery.

7 days after hair transplant

Here are the photos taken by the patient one day after surgery and again at 7 days after hair transplant surgery and his comments on his progress so far.

I can’t believe that it’s now been one week since I had the hair transplant with you.

I am healing well and have attached 4 photos comparing Day 1 Post-Op scalp views against views from today.

I’ve now had 2 washes and the majority of the scabs have gone, although as to be expected there are still a few here and there, which I think will diminish with each wash.

The redness has decreased and the dye has faded a lot too, but the donor area is still quite tender.




11 days in and all is looking great, see attached, and healing very well.





2 weeks after hair transplant

Just a quick email to let you know that I have healed beautifully well and feeling good about it the hair transplant after 2 weeks (14 days after a hair transplant).

I’ve attached 4 before-and-after pictures to show the remarkable journey that I’ve been on.




After 2 weeks of a hair transplant, like this patient shown, you can expect to see changes in hair texture, hair growth, and scalp condition. 0

For example, your hair texture, post hair transplant after 2 weeks might feel different to you, with some patients reporting it feeling coarser and thicker than the hair around it. This is normal and is a result of the hair follicles being transplanted from a different area of the scalp. As the hair grows, it should eventually blend in with the surrounding hair, and the texture will become more uniform.

2 weeks after a hair transplant, you should also see new hair growth in the transplanted area. However, it is important to note that hair growth can vary from person to person. The newly transplanted hair may also fall out, which is entirely normal and is known as “shock loss.” This occurs because the hair follicles are in shock from the transplant procedure and need time to adjust. New hair growth should start to appear within a few months.

After two weeks after a hair transplant, some patients may still experience some soreness, swelling, and scabbing in the transplanted area. However, these symptoms should start to subside at this stage. Patients should avoid scratching or picking at the scabs as this can damage new hair follicles and delay the healing process. Make sure you keep your scalp clean and dry to prevent infection.

In summary, two weeks post-hair transplant, patients can expect some changes in their hair texture, hair growth, and scalp condition. These changes are entirely normal and are part of the healing process. As always, patients should follow their surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully and contact them if they have any concerns or questions.


This patient kindly updated us with his progress 5 months after his 1500 graft surgery with Dr Edward Ball. At still such an early stage we think he is looking great and the patient is very happy and had this to say

“I’m really pleased with how things are progressing, especially when I’m not even halfway through the 1 year.

As you can see the front is looking a lot stronger and the sides are filling in too.”


5 Months Post-Op


left right top


9 Months Post-Op

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.28.40

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.29.06

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.29.48

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.30.50

10 months Post-Op

IMG_3335 IMG_3336 IMG_3337 IMG_3341

This patient updated us with photos 1 year following his surgery for 1500 grafts using the FUE method. At the same time he shared with us his some photos of his hair before his journey using Propecia and Regaine.

A patient's scalp two weeks post-hair transplant by The Maitland Clinic

Two weeks post-hair transplant procedure by The Maitland Clinic

Patient's hair pre- and post-transplant, one year later

Patient’s progress one year after 1500-graft FUE surgery

Patient's hair pre- and post-transplant, one year later

Patient’s progress one year after 1500-graft FUE surgery

Patient's hair pre- and post-transplant, one year later

Patient’s progress one year after 1500-graft FUE surgery

Patient's hair pre- and post-transplant, one year later

Patient’s progress one year after hair transplant

Patient's hair pre- and post-transplant, one year later

Comparison of hair transplant results before and one year after treatment, prior to Propecia and Regaine use