New FUE result by Dr Edward Ball

21st September 2016

I wanted to share this new FUE hair transplant result by Dr Edward Ball. This patient recently dropped by during one of our Harley Street, London consultation days to show us his results from his 1100 graft FUE session which was just over a year ago. The patient was concerned about his hairline and temple recession causing him limited styling options before surgery and decided to fill in this recession. As his hair loss was stable Dr Ball felt that FUE would be the perfect method to address his needs.

What amazed me when I saw the patient was not just how great his hair looks now and that he was able to pull off a very modern and cool hairstyle, but just how natural the hairline looked.

During my 20 years of looking at hair transplant results and 7 years working in the industry I have seen many transplanted hairlines. As I continue to work with Dr Edward Ball I realise just how much attention to detail he takes in selecting those soft hairs for the hairline to provide the most natural look. The beauty of FUE has always been to select the right grafts when addressing different areas of the scalp. The ability to choose softer single hair grafts for the immediate hairline and the larger 3 or 4 hair follicular units to add density into the mid scalp and crown is one of the many benefits that FUE has when choosing which method for your hair restoration.

In reality most clinics will claim that they do this but in reality when you select a clinic that does multiple procedures daily or the majority of the extraction process and surgery is done by inexperienced technicians it is simply not the case. When time is important to rush as many grafts as ┬ápossible with no regard to extraction pattern of graft selection you don’t end up with a soft feathered hairline as seen here.

When you choose The Maitland Clinic for your FUE hair restoration Dr Edward Ball chooses the grafts and makes the extractions with a handheld punch. We only ever have one patient a day so time is taken to select the correct grafts for the correct location.

When looking at the area treated the other thing that struck me was the relatively low number of grafts used to achieve the result. Other clinics might have used up to double the number of grafts to address a similar area. With a great yield from the grafts placed it is not necessary to use so many grafts in such a small area and as I get to know Dr Ball he always has one eye on the future for the patient. It is important to know when using FUE just how limited the donor area is in most cases and how you should respect that limitation.

The end result is a happy patient with a great result who has more donor grafts available should he need them in the future.


David Anderson

Senior Patient Advisor


Before and After FUE outcome by Dr. Edward Ball

A patient shows results from a 1100-graft FUE session conducted by Dr. Edward Ball


1100 FUE hairline right side



Dr Edward Ball 1100 FUE left hairline


1100 FUE tilt

1100 FUE left profile

Right side

1100 FUE placement