Would you sacrifice your hair for The Perfect Body?

15th August 2016

Would you sacrifice your hair for The Perfect Body?

In recent months, Dr Edward Ball has consulted with female bodybuilders who are using synthetic steroids to improve their bodybuilding performance.  Many individuals take risks just to outperform each other.  One such risk the synthetic steroids can cause is hair loss.  One particular female body builder who recently consulted with Dr Ball showed advanced stages of hair loss.  Dr Ball advised her to try Rogaine and to cease the use of steroids.  Hopefully these measures will halt any further progression of her hair loss.  If her hair doesn`t grow back Dr Ball explained how FUE/FUT as well as non-surgical treatments can help restore the lost hairs.

The science behind this is explained as such:  dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible for balding, is produced with the help of male hormones. Natural levels of male hormones in the body already cause a considerable amount of balding when they’re finally utilized for the purpose of creating dihydrotestosterone.

If you increase the amount of the androgens in your body, more dihydrotestosterone would be produced. Some may argue that since women have less androgen in their body, they’re less susceptible to balding.  While this might be true for women who have natural levels of estrogen and testosterone the same can`t be said for women who purposefully inject themselves with synthetic hormones.  The process of altering the body’s natural chemistry for purely cosmetic purposes is very dangerous. Women are equally at risk as men.

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