Workshop Director – 24th World Congress ISHRS – Las Vegas

24th August 2016

ISHRS – Workshop Director

Janna Shafer will be directing a workshop titled: Non-Surgical Treatments – Role of Assistants in LLLP, SMP, Camouflage, PRP & Medications. Janna will also serve as faculty for this workshop by giving a presentation on the topic “Camouflage”. The workshop is scheduled for Friday afternoon on 30th September.

Janna Shafer has been a ISHRS Surgical Assistant’s Executive Committee member for many years. Each year, Janna is asked to serve at the Surgical Assistant’s Hands on Workshop. This year in Las Vegas, Janna will take the lead faculty for the Graft Placement station. Janna will help teach new technicians how to place grafts gently and efficiently. Janna will also contribute at the expert’s table at the Surgical Assistant’s Program. The Assistant’s Program and workshop will be held Wednesday, 28th September 2016.