Video FAQs

About hair loss

Introduction to the Maitland Clinic

Types of Male Hairloss

Hairloss In Women

Stages of Male Pattern Baldness - Norwood Scale

Can Anyone Have Hair Restoration Surgery

How Should I Choose a Hair Restoration Surgeon?

An Ideal Candidate for Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr Edward Ball Qualifications, Skills & Experience

Surgical and non-surgical procedures

The Surgical Team at The Maitland Clinic

You Initial Consultation for Hair Transplant surgery

Is Surgery the Answer For Everyone?

FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Non Surgical Treatments for hair loss

Scalp Exercises for FUT

Repairs: Correcting Old & Unnatural Looking Hair transplant Surgery

Patient Health & Wellbeing at the Maitland Clinic

What Sort of Results Can I Expect from Hair Transplant surgery

World Class Results for Hair Restoration surgery

Preparing for treatment

Pre Operative Diet & Lifestyle Recommendation before Hair restoration surgery

How to Prepare On the Day of Surgery at The Maitland Clinic

Should I Grow My Hair at the Back Before Surgery

Your Day in Surgery at The Maitland Clinic

Travel on the Day of Surgery


How Much Time Will I Need Off Work After hair restoration Surgery?

Pain Relief & Other Medication after hair transplant surgery

After Hair Transplant Surgery: Caring for Your Grafts & Sleeping

Aftercare after Hair Restoration surgery

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