Your hair restoration journey

Noticing the hair loss

When you first start to notice hair loss, it can be the cause of embarrassment and anxiety. For men, loss usually starts with a receding hairline at the temples and thinning at the crown of the head. Although common, male pattern baldness can affect your confidence, relationships and career. But it is possible to do something about it.


These days, most people use the internet to research treatments for hair loss. Information about the causes of baldness and surgical and non-surgical treatments is widely available, and there are many options including apparently low-cost surgeries on the continent. When choosing a clinician to consult about your hair loss, it is important to make sure they will listen to you and give you realistic advice about what you can expect to achieve with a restoration procedure.


When you first contact The Maitland Clinic, our Senior Patient Advisor, David, will talk to you about your hair loss and explain the principles of hair restoration. Dr Ball will then discuss your medical history and explore your goals and expectations.  Following a thorough examination of your scalp, Dr Ball will discuss your diagnosis and advise on treatment options tailored for you and provide full information about your recommended procedure.

Making a decision

You will then be encouraged to take time to carefully consider your decision before committing to surgery. We’ll still be on hand to answer any questions and reassure you about any concerns you might have.

Your procedure

Your surgery will take place in the comfort of our state-of-the-art clinic in Hampshire. Whichever kind of treatment you’re having it will be as safe, painless and relaxing as possible – we aim to make it more like a visit to a spa than a visit to a hospital!


You’ll be given all the information, advice and medication you need for the days and weeks following your surgery. We’ll also be on hand if you have any issues or questions as your new hair begins to grow.

Enjoying your new head of hair

Even after your new hair has grown, The Maitland Clinic’s team will be there to advise on keeping your scalp and follicles healthy, so that you can enjoy to the full a lifetime of natural-looking hair.

You’ll be amazed at the positive effect hair restoration can have on your confidence and your whole outlook on life. Contact us for your initial consultation.


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