Trichology in Hampshire

Ready to improve your hair and scalp health and restore your self-esteem? At our award-winning clinic in Hampshire, we’re here to help.

As experts in hair science and with years of experience in hair restoration, we are acutely aware of how damaging hair and scalp concerns can be on your confidence. By combining innovative evidence-based techniques with personalised and compassionate care, we diagnose and treat various hair and scalp conditions, helping to revive your image and improve how you feel about yourself.

Our expertise in trichology

Alongside our industry-leading surgical hair loss treatments, we also take pride in our expertise in trichology – a speciality focusing on hair and scalp health and using mainly non-surgical hair restoration techniques.

Led by Marta Teixeria, a renowned trichologist and nurse prescriber, we are able to offer bespoke trichology treatments that use minimally invasive technologies and evidence-based practices to address a variety of hair and scalp concerns.

Customised care

Each person’s hair and scalp is unique so we take a personalised approach to all treatments. Considering factors like your specific diagnosis, lifestyle factors, and desired outcome, the trichology treatments we offer aim to provide the most effective results for your bespoke needs.

Scientific backing

The latest research and evidence-based techniques in trichology inform everything we do. From our advice, treatment options, and ongoing management, you can rest assured that your safety and fulfilment will always be placed at the forefront.

Collaborative approach

At The Maitland Clinic, we believe in taking an integrative approach to hair loss. Our trichologist and surgical hair loss specialists work closely to determine the right treatment option for you and work collaboratively to complement your procedures.


As a trichologist and nurse prescriber, Marta’s dual expertise allows us to prescribe hair loss medication directly. This means that unlike many hair loss clinics, you don’t need to go elsewhere for your prescriptions and your treatment is monitored by the same team. What’s more, our rigorous consultation process and unrivalled commitment to patient safety means we provide you with extensive information, allowing you to make a fully informed choice about your hair restoration treatment.

Trichology services at The Maitland Clinic

  • Holistic assessments: A thorough consultation of your lifestyle, habits, and general health, as well as a detailed analysis of your hair and scalp.
  • State-of-the-art procedures: Non-surgical hair restoration solutions that are grounded in scientific research. These treatments, which may involve medication, PRP therapy, or low-level laser therapy, aim to promote hair regrowth and enhance scalp health.
  • Ongoing guidance: Regular refinement of your treatment plan in response to your results, the latest evidence, and any changes in your lifestyle.

“I just want to say a huge thank you for the consultation on Friday. You were amazing and I’m so glad I made the decision to attend your clinic.” – trichology client

Frequently asked questions

Which is more suitable for me, surgical or non-surgical hair restoration?

The collaboration between our hair surgeon and trichologist at The Maitland Clinic and our extensive assessment process ensures we explore the most beneficial treatment pathway, be it surgical, non-surgical, or combined treatments.

What issues can a trichologist address?

Trichologists at The Maitland Clinic specialise in a wide array of hair and scalp conditions, offering support for:

  • hair loss, thinning, or excessive shedding
  • scalp issues like psoriasis, dandruff, or dermatitis
  • concerns regarding hair texture
  • menopausal hair loss
  • post-chemotherapy hair loss
  • hair problems stemming from autoimmune or endocrine disorders
  • effects of nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle habits, or overall health on hair.

If you’re noticing any changes in your hair or scalp health, consulting a trichologist is always a proactive first step.

Are there any side effects with trichology treatments?

There is a risk you will experience some side effects from non-surgical treatments. These can vary based on the specific trichology treatment you undergo and our team is committed to ensuring you are well-informed throughout your treatment process. We continue supporting patients through any side effects, amending treatment regimes and doses to find an effective and well tolerated strategy.

How do I schedule a trichology consultation at The Maitland Clinic?

We offer trichology consultations at our clinic in Hampshire, conveniently located just outside of Portsmouth. We also offer online video consultations with Marta Teixeira. You can complete our enquiry form or call us on 02392 706122 to arrange a trichology appointment.

Begin your path to revitalised hair at The Maitland Clinic

Dive into the world of hair rejuvenation and begin your journey to improved self confidence. At The Maitland Clinic, we’re dedicated to offering you tailored, research-backed care, employing cutting-edge techniques in non-surgical hair and scalp restoration.

To learn more, schedule a trichology consultation today.

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