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There’s no denying that hair loss can be a distressing experience and may impact your overall quality of life. At The Maitland Clinic, our highly skilled team is dedicated to offering you the best guidance and treatment options available. We believe this process starts with identifying and understanding the root cause of hair loss, which is why we specialise in providing an in-depth hair loss consultation.

Comprehensive hair loss consultations

Hair loss can vary greatly in cause, severity, and impact. We understand that no two patients we see are the same.

Dr Ball, Founder and Medical Director of The Maitland Clinic, explains:

“Every person I see is different in terms of their hair loss condition – their diagnosis, the rate and extent of loss, their head and face shape, their hair type, and their overall health.

“We also consider factors beyond hair too. The patient’s lifestyle, career, social life, and individual hair goals or expectations may also impact the suitable treatment options we recommend. It’s essential that all of these factors are assessed to help establish an accurate diagnosis and what results are achievable for that particular patient.”

Advancements in hair restoration research mean that a wide range of treatment options now exist to help support a variety of hair loss conditions. Surgery isn’t always the answer, and so we also specialise in offering innovative trichology (non-surgical) treatments. An extensive consultation is integral to the treatment we recommend for each individual.

Dr Ball, award-winning hair transplant surgeon, adds, “I’m keen to recommend surgery only when I strongly believe it is likely to achieve excellent, natural-looking results both now and in the future. A thorough consultation is essential for me to get a deeper understanding of how hair loss affects my patients and what they are hoping to achieve from their hair restoration journey. This helps me select the best treatment options from them as individuals, whether that be a hair transplant or non-surgical treatments.”

What to expect at a hair loss consultation

After our team has reviewed your enquiry form, you will be directed to an initial video consultation with a member of our team. Following this, we then undertake an in-person consultation at our Portsmouth clinic. This involves:

  • Personalised assessment: discussing your symptoms, hair and health history, goals, and concerns.
  • Scalp and hair analysis: analysing your scalp, donor hair supply, and areas of hair loss using state-of-the-art video trichoscopy imaging techniques.
  • Diagnosis and discussion of treatment options: talking through your diagnosis and treatment options, helping you to better understand your condition and the reasons behind our recommendations.
  • Customised treatment plan: following your analysis, we’ll devise a bespoke treatment plan best suited to your situation.

Choosing The Maitland Clinic

We are proud to be one of the leading hair restoration clinics in the UK.

Leading expertise: With knowledge and insights gained from relationships with world experts in the field, each member of our team is highly skilled and experienced in a wide range of hair loss techniques. We are all dedicated to bringing each patient the very best care and results, achieving multiple awards over the years.

Natural-looking results: We strive to create results which fit seamlessly with your natural features. A combination of our artistry, extensive knowledge, and the latest hair loss technology allows us to bring you realistic results to serve you for years to come.

Safety as paramount: We pride ourselves on following and applying the latest research and evidence in the field so that our patients experience the most cutting-edge solutions. We also adhere to the latest safety and ethics guidelines to allow for the highest standards and a comfortable patient experience.

FUT hair transplant surgery before and after
Before and after an FUT hair transplant.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a hair loss consultation? 

There is no charge for the initial video consultation to learn more about hair transplant surgery. This takes place with David Anderson, our senior patient advisor. A more extensive in-person consultation with Dr Ball in our Portsmouth clinic costs £150. For non-surgical hair restoration treatments, our trichologist, Marta Teixeira, offers video consultations for £75 and in-person consultations for £150, which also take place in our Portsmouth clinic. Total fees of the overall treatment can vary depending on the kind of treatment you have. We will be able to advise on costs during the consultation.

Can hair loss consultations benefit women as well as men?

Yes – hair loss affects both men and women and can result from a variety of causes. Our consultations are tailored to the individual, regardless of gender, to address specific types of hair loss and the most effective treatments available.

Is a hair loss consultation painful?

The consultation process is not painful. It involves a detailed examination of your scalp, but this is non-invasive. If we need to take a biopsy (which is very uncommon), we will refer you to a specialist dermatologist.

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