Hair Loss Clinic in Southampton

Transform your confidence with our expert hair loss solutions. 

At The Maitland Clinic, we understand that hair loss can profoundly affect your confidence and quality of life. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing personalised and advanced hair restoration treatments to help you regain your hair and restore your self-esteem. With a multi-award-winning clinic located just a stone’s throw from Southampton, we’re committed to delivering exceptional care and effective solutions for a wide range of hair loss concerns.

Hair loss services at The Maitland Clinic

Our team have expertise gained from relationships with some of the world’s most respected clinics, meaning we are able to offer a fully comprehensive hair restoration service:

  • In-depth medical consultation and diagnosis: start your treatment with a thorough consultation with our team. Our experts will explore your medical history and hair loss pattern, as well as undertake a detailed scalp analysis using the latest technology, to develop a unique treatment plan.
  • A range of treatment options: After diagnosis, we offer a range of advanced treatment options. If you are in the earlier stages of hair loss, our trichologist can help you explore we can explore some non-surgical treatment options such as:
  • Continuous management: We maintain contact after treatment, making adjustments to your plan to reflect any latest evidence published, any lifestyle changes you make, and your overall response to treatment. This helps us ensure your treatment is safe and effective for as long as possible.

Choosing The Maitland Clinic for hair loss treatment

Patient-centred care

No two individuals are the same, and so neither is our approach to hair loss. We take time to understand your condition and overall goals, developing a bespoke treatment plan that is most effective for your needs and ensures the best possible outcomes.

Advanced techniques 

We place strong emphasis on research in the field, helping us to stay up-to-date with and apply the latest evidence and hair restoration treatments. We are able to offer a wide range of cutting-edge techniques designed to address different stages and causes of hair loss. What’s more, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the very best results for each patient.

Highly skilled team 

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals specialising in diagnosing and treating various types of hair loss. Combining world-class surgical skills, advanced knowledge, and important artistry, and with years of experience in the field, we are able to truly make a difference to our patients’ experience.

Commitment to safety

Placing ethics and care at the heart of our work, we ensure to adhere to the highest standards of patient safety to provide a seamless and comfortable experience.

Female before and after hair loss treatment.

FUT hair transplant surgery before and after
Male before and after an FUT hair transplant.

Get started with a personal consultation

Once you have filled in an enquiry form for Dr Ball the team to review, you will be directed to a video consultation or in-person consultation. Face-to-face consultations for both trichology (non-surgical) and hair transplant services usually take place at our hair loss clinic near Southampton.

We never pressure any patient into certain treatments, including surgery. We want you to take all the time you need to consider your treatment options and are happy to help with any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Where will my treatment take place?

In-person consultations and treatments take place in our clinic located in Portsmouth, just a stone’s throw from Southampton.

How long will it take to see results from hair loss treatment?

When results can become noticeable usually depends on what treatment you are having. For instance, if you have hair restoration surgery, it may take up to a year to see full results. However, other treatments such as medication or PRP therapy might show improvements in three to six month post-treatment.

We can help explore a realistic timeline during your consultation.

How much does hair loss treatment cost?

There’s no standard cost of hair loss treatment because there is so much variation between the treatments. As we develop a personalised treatment plan based on your needs, we can give an indication of the total costs involved.

Discover the possibilities of hair loss treatment with The Maitland Clinic

At The Maitland Clinic, we are proud to be one of the leaders in the hair restoration field. Whether you’re looking to start exploring treatment options or simply learn more about our hair loss clinic near Southampton, we’re here to help.

To learn more about our hair loss treatments, get in touch by booking an initial consultation today.

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