The Hair Loss Clinic TV series (Quest Red and Discovery+)

3rd November 2021

The Hair Loss Clinic - Quest Red

Filmed at The Maitland Clinic and featuring our medical director Dr Edward Ball and independent trichologist Eva Proudman, The Hair Loss Clinic provides a realistic portrayal of the impact of hair loss on ordinary people – and of the enormous psychological and emotional benefits that high quality professional hair treatment can offer.

Over five episodes it follows the experiences of women and men suffering various types of hair loss and scalp conditions, and reveals the effects of the different treatments they receive at The Maitland Clinic.



Sensitively filmed by Angel Eye Media and available to watch on Amazon Prime, Discovery+ and for free on the TLC YouTube channel, the series shows the detailed realities of the medical, trichological and surgical procedures carried out at the clinic, including hair transplant surgery.

But above all it focuses on the emotional impact of hair loss: the way it can destroy people’s confidence and cast a shadow over their daily lives and relationships, leaving them feeling isolated, humiliated and unsure where to turn for help. They may suffer in silence for years, believing that help is unavailable, unaffordable or something to be embarrassed about.

The Hair Loss Clinic shows that hair treatment is real, effective and can benefit anyone. The series showcases the latest medical and surgical technologies and innovations available at The Maitland Clinic and the remarkable results that can potentially be achieved. But just as importantly, it demonstrates that good hair restoration professionals can provide caring, empathetic help to every patient.

A core ethos of The Maitland Clinic is that each man or woman who walks through our doors is unique, and their hair treatment should fit with their lifestyle and last them for life. The Hair Loss Clinic shows, episode by episode, how Dr Ball and Eva Proudman take the time to get to know each patient as an individual, and design their treatment not just for a scalp, but for the whole person.

Read Doctor Edward Ball’s insights into The Hair Loss Clinic here and read a Q&A with Eva Proudman about the show here.



The Hair Loss Clinic – FAQs

Is The Hair Loss Clinic a real place?

The name ‘The Hair Loss Clinic’ is a generic title for the TV series, which features both surgical and trichological treatments. The actual practice where the show is filmed is The Maitland Clinic in Portsmouth, Hampshire. All the medical staff, patients and treatments featured in the show are real.

Will I be treated by Dr Ball or Eva Proudman if I become a patient at The Maitland Clinic?

Yes. All hair restoration surgical procedures at The Maitland Clinic, including FUT and FUE transplants, are carried out by Dr Edward Ball.

Eva Proudman is an independent trichologist who works closely with us, and trichology referrals from The Maitland Clinic can be seen by Eva.

Are the results shown on The Hair Loss Clinic realistic?

Yes, all results shown in the TV series are the real-life stories of patients at The Maitland Clinic.

Indeed, one of the best things about the show is that it shows realistic outcomes of hair treatment, results that have a positive, even transformational, psychological effect on people suffering hair loss – but without making outlandish, over-simplistic claims about ‘miraculous’ results.

How expensive is the Hair Loss Clinic in real life?

Prices for hair transplant surgery at The Maitland Clinic can be found here.

I have a problem similar to one featured on the Hair Loss Clinic – what should I do next?

To enquire about a trichology consultation with Eva Proudman please call 0800 612 6076 or complete our online consultation form.

If you would like to explore hair transplant options please call us on 02392 706122 or complete our online consultation form.

The Hair Loss Clinic TV series can be viewed on Amazon Prime, Discovery+ and for free on the TLC YouTube channel.