Artas® Robotic FUE

The ARTAS® robot can assist a surgeon in the donor harvest and the making of recipient sites for the follicular unit grafts.

How ARTAS® works

The system uses three-dimensional visualisation technology to digitally map the patient’s scalp, analysing the position of each natural grouping of hairs.

Guided by the surgeon, it assists the harvest of the donor hairs, taking follicular units in a randomised pattern and leaving only dot scarring. These dot scars can allow greater flexibility with hair length after surgery compared with the linear scar from the FUT technique. The ARTAS® system can be an efficient method for harvesting large numbers of FUE grafts for maximal density and coverage from a single session. It can enable the surgeon to place greater focus on the process of creating recipient sites and the implanting of the grafts.

The ARTAS® System is now able to assist in the making of recipient incisions utilising robotic technology to maximise speed, accuracy and reproducibility.

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